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Sweet Sixteen Betting Online

The Sweet Sixteen can refer to either the last sixteen teams remaining in the NCAA Basketball Betting tournament, or to the third round of the College basketball tournament — which is when those sixteen teams meet. The Men’s College basketball Tournament starts with 68 teams.

The NCAA Basketball Teams that win their Elite Eight betting games earn the opportunity to continue on in their respective tournaments to play in the Final Four. The 2011 Final Four betting odds in the men’s tournament takes place April 2, 2011, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, and is followed by the NCAA Championship Game at the same location on April 4, 2011.  First of all bettors, at this point, you shouldn’t even bother looking at any teams’ rankings, because they are just that, an imaginary number that the NCAA gave each team for tournament purposes based on their respective regular season records.

The winners in the round of 16 are the “Elite Eight,” and the winners in the Elite Eight are the “Final Four.”

Take a look at Sweet Sixteen March Madness basketball lines this season and try and avoid getting caught up in the underdog hype.  Look for the best teams to play well and advance.  That is the best tip to remember when you are looking at the March Madness betting spreads for the Sweet Sixteen Betting Online.

Sweet 16 Betting Totals

Those bettors who enjoy betting on overs/unders have several trends to help them, as well, as the under has come in more often that not, especially when the line is low. In those games in which the total was 129 or lower, there have been eight unders and just one over, so when the basketball sports betting sites are expecting a low-scoring game, it generally happens.

It’s important to remember that just because something has happened in the past, it’s not guaranteed to happen again, but in the world of sports betting, history often does repeat itself and should be factored into any upcoming wagers.

Last, one of the biggest keys to wager on the college basketball Sweet Sixteen betting totals is to shop for the best NCAA basketball lines available. Because of the smaller betting limits, online sportsbooks are quicker to move lines, and those bettors who take a bit of time to ensure they’re betting into the best available number are generally rewarded with some additional wins at the end of the season.