College Basketball Odds and Point Spreads

To Keep NCAA College Basketball Betting Action Divided in Half Las Vegas’ odds makers make up a point spread. Las Vegas odds makers are masters at using NCAA lines and NCAA basketball point spreads to keep betting action divided in half. By making adjustments in a given line or point spread odds makers can sway large numbers of basketball bettors who have not yet made
A decision on which team to bet on in a game to place their bet on the team that has “lesser action.” Ask yourself, how often have you been undecided on a game only to make your decision after the line moved down 1/2 point, or up 1/2 point? The movement in the line was Vegas’ effort to balance betting action, and often times movements can have a direct result on your betting decision.
Point spreads can go up or down at any time depending on various factors like player injuries and the health of a player.
The spread may also be adjusted if the bets coming into the sportsbooks are getting to much action favoring one side or the other. You are generally locked in to whatever the point spread was at the time you placed your sports bet. College basketball odds & point spreads are a indications in the college basketball line as to which teams odds makers think will cover the spread. If you’re betting on this College basketball this season, sports betting picks makes expert NCAA basketball game picks & predictions for you.